Tuesday, February 21, 2006

pictures from the attic

As you have probably already noticed this is my virgin blog attempt. And, the first question running across my mind is, "what do you put in your virgin blog"? Well, writing about virgins would be one option, but I feel the competition in this area will probably be rather stiff, (pardon the pun), this being the internet and all. And, considering the fact that I have kids and they will probably run across this sooner, or later, it's generally not a good idea. The next thought that came to mind was to write about something interesting. That's a noble idea and all, but it begs the question of capability. So, I read through some other blogs to gather some ideas and after reading through a few said to myself, "why am I spending valuable time reading through this drivel?" Then the lightbulb went off, or out, whichever you prefer, and I decided to digitize some drivel.

The theme that I have decided on for this drivel is based upon a few of my life experiences. During my life I have found that most people I know, take life way too seriously. I am certain there are many educated theories on this, but this writing is neither educated, nor theoretical. So what qualifies me to digitize drivel about life experiences? Thank you for asking... I fall into a category of individual who is long past the acne stage, but somewhat ahead of the retirement stage and have delt with a few life experiences. I try to find the humor in most, even if they are not humorous at the time they are experienced. On with the drivel.

So it started off innocently enough. I was in the attic changing an air filter. Stumbling back from the furnace I ran into a box full of pictures, (thus the title of this blog). And, as you probably have guessed by now the pictures came from a time long past, college pictures. Many memories, etc. I now have found my next source of income, that is letting my friends from college know that most will never be able to run for public office because of some of the evidence that I have against them. Now you're probably asking yourself, "well this is a blog, why doesn't he share some of these memory producting, public office wrecking pictures." The simple answer is, I haven't figured out how to do this yet. (Yes, I'm well aware of the little "add image" button at the top of the RTE window, just need to find the best way to digitize these little blackmail images...). Anyway, I'm a bit off topic. Making money off the photos in the attic is nothing to write home about, unless it's a lot of money. The point I'm trying to make has nothing to do with attic cleaning, or digitizing for profit, but rather that there are times during our life that we make some really enduring friendships due to circumstances. Being away at college is a perfect example. And then when we leave those circumstances, for whatever reason, we tend to maintain some freindships and leave others on a shelf,(or in an attic), somewhere. My recommendation to anyone who has read to this point, is to stay in touch with those people even when your circumstances change. Yeah, I know it can be a challenge at times, but catching up with the few old friends that will return my calls has been well worth it. The worst that can happen is that you end up with a cleaner attic and feel the need to insulate. Thanks for reading